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Hawes Technologies provides some of the most comprehensive database, infrastructure management and network security services available. We achieve our goal of operational and developmental excellence by creating/maintaining quality, managing risks, reducing costs and keeping pace with the next generation of technology.

While we reserve the right to keep our specialized tools unclassified, we are committed to providing continual solutions for our clients therefore guarantee our implementations are compatible with industry standards and cooperative for future developments. Our services offer full client transparency.

In addition to our services, Hawes Technologies is in the business of creating ready-made product solutions. After decades of being the user of many third-party solutions, we learned a great deal about what works and what doesn't. Unlike commercial-off-the-shelf options, our software applications can be tailored to meet your company’s specific needs for functionality and integration.

Running a business in the modern age requires a solid technological foundation. It can be overwhelming to keep track of new developments in the industry. You need a reliable partner with the experience and expertise to manage those professional needs so that you can get back to business. We want to be that partner.

Our Story...

Hawes Technologies is a Joint Venture between the Hawes Financial Group, (HFG) and KG Financial Software Pvt Ltd. (KGFSL). HFG is a well-recognized leader in the Collections (Professional Credit Service) and HealthCare Financing (HealthFirst Financial) markets. HFG realized very early on that technological innovation would be critical to our future. Finding little success with commercial-off-the-shelf software, HFG invested heavily in developing software tools and solutions to enhance our processes, create efficiencies and give us a competitive edge.

Over time, through our industry and customer relationships, we saw that there was a marketable interest in what we could do with our technology and experience. In 2012 HFG tested the waters of professional software development and selected KGFSL to update an existing, internally developed application. The experience was a success and a decision was made to enter into a joint venture to leverage our inventory of software and knowledge and to share it with others that were feeling the same pain as we had.

KGFSL has a solid pedigree in financial software, having built trading and accounting platforms for several of the world’s largest banks. KGFSL invests heavily in training and human resource development to keep their engineers and solutions at the leading edge. KGFSL embraced the Agile Development method as an effective way of project management in the face of highly dynamic requirements from customers and the market. This is supported through the use of a Behavioral and Test driven development process that ensures sufficient specification and domain understanding at the outset, while allowing the project to stay on track through successive iterations as the customer or market evolves the requirements. This methodology allows the engineering team to respond very quickly to a new requirement while maintaining the performance and stability our customers expect.


In addition to world-class software development and solutions, Hawes Technologies also provides a number of services you may not realize you need. Running a business in the modern age requires a solid technological foundation with regards to your network and database infrastructure. It can be overwhelming to the small and medium business to try and compete on the same stage as the “big guys” without breaking the bank. Having walked that path ourselves, it is a concern we understand very well. Hawes Technologies brings strong Networking and DBA services to your disposal, affordably. Our customers often comment that they wished they’d “done this sooner”.

We love what we do, and we're good at it. We’d welcome the opportunity to work with you.