DocuTrail ® - Document Management Solution

DocuTrail's document management system (DMS) will revolutionize the way businesses can manage and store data. Using the NoSQL platform for its image archival platform, limiting use of MySQL to some indexing and core system operations, DocuTrail offers companies a DMS solution that provides superior performance! Performance tuning is a breeze compared to DMS's built with relational databases.

The support for sharding is one of DocuTrail's key features. Sharding is the process of storing large data sets over multiple servers, or "shards". As a business' database grows, standard DMS solutions can exhaust the CPU capacity of a server. Sharding reduces index size, resulting in increased search, retrieval and perfomance ability. Each shard represents an independent database, and collectively the shards make up a single, logical database. Sharding makes schema replication across multiple servers easy.

DocuTrail's Supports BIG Data - DocuTrail supports faster availability of Big Data by synchronizing data across multiple servers. DocuTrail's replication feature provides redundancy and increases data availability with multiple copies of data on different database servers.

DocuTrail ® - Key Benefits Include:

  • Large-scale integrated Document Management System
  • Compact Document storage architecture with MongoDB
  • Standard integration to any Hadoop® multi-node deployment
  • Cloud Compatibility w/J2EE app container
  • Easy indexing and High Security algorithm
  • Faster Search Queries with Elasticsearch
  • Fastest retrieval with proven methodologies
  • Supports creation of dynamic repositories and dynamic queries
  • Data stored in the form of JSON style documents