RoboDX - Data Exchange Solution

RoboDX is a B2B data exchange solution which enables cities to send and receive data between their city personnel and other city governments, in any required format. Its interoperable data exchange engine can be configured with various platforms, and integrated with an enterprise application to enable a seamless data exchange.

Multi-Format Support

RoboDX supports all delimiter files, Excel, XML, API, DB and Multi-row file formats. Its universal data exchange solution also reads and transforms any file formats both in source or destination. It also has the capability of transferring a single file as multiple files, and multiple files into a single file.

RoboDX comes fully equipped with compliance standards and security features, facilitating an efficient, secure, and compliant exchange of information inside and outside any organizations.

RoboDX has a versatile four step configuration that functions with virtually any file format, API or database. Any file that is important for your business operations is made easy (EDI, Data vendors, letter vendor, etc.).

RoboDX - Key Benefits Include:

  • Secure Data Transfer: RoboDX allows businesses to securely manage the transport of critical documents.
  • Confidentiality & Availability: RoboDX protects the confidentiality, integrity and availability of files.
  • Control Over IT Policies: An enterprise installation of RoboDX provides you with control and compliance over your IT policies - Not a simple task with cloud file-sharing providers.
  • Data Stays in Your Control: Data is on-premise and under your control. It does not reside in a data center in another state or country.
  • Bandwidth Friendly: There is no consumption of precious internet bandwidth for the majority of use-cases, which tend to be internal only.
  • Security & Auditing Controls: Data environments, which are subject to government regulation, are advised to avoid using free file-sharing solutions due to the lack of administrative, auditing, and security controls.
  • Simple Data Transformation: File Processing (Simple data transformation and validation, drag & drop mapping).
  • Seamless Integration: Seamless integration with 3rd party systems via API, Files & Database.
  • Comprehensive Dashboard: Comprehensive and user-friendly dashboard to monitor interface and job status.
  • Reconciliation Engine: RoboDX provides a reconciliation engine for data comparison operations.
  • Dynamic Workflow Engine: RoboDX offers a dynamic workflow engine for optimizing solutions based on data requests, states, transitions, activities and more.
  • Reports: RoboDX comes standard with Pre/Post Production Audit, Pre/Post Production Test, UDE and Path Audit reports.