VoizTrail ® - Call Auditing & Recording Solution

VoizTrail is an all-in-one Call Recording & Call Auditing solution developed by Hawes Technologies.

Quality Assessment, Compliance & Dispute Resolution

Quality Assessment - VoizTrail’s Call Recording & Call Auditing features can help you set organizational parameters for call standards, ensuring that all customers are given a uniform experience.

Regulatory Compliance - VoizTrail efficiently processes call information to help you stay compliant. This includes Call Redaction, which masks sensitive information within call recordings, AES-128 encrypted storage, secure call recording transmission, and password-protected call playback. Call recordings can only be played on authenticated devices and machines.

Dispute Resolution - No more “he said, she said”. VoizTrail’s recording feature can be your company’s best defense against costly legal action resulting from disputes. VoizTrail can be set to record each call or to record calls at random. Recordings can be searched by date, call duration, outbound call number, inbound caller ID, agent, or other factors.

Improved Employee Performance

Frontline Employees - Frontline employees are the most important part of your bottom line. They are the spokespeople for your company, and therefore paramount to the customer experience. Getting the best from your call center employees is easier with VoizTrail.

VoizTrail’s Call Recording & Call Auditing solution not only makes call-center training for frontline employees simple, it provides the most effective method for improving customer service.

Non-Frontline Employees - Sharing call information with non-frontline employees, such as product development and marketing teams will help them to better understand your customers’ needs.

“Getting to know” the customer, gives every team in your organization priceless information on how best to target future customers, as well as retain existing ones.

Increase ROI with VoizTrail

The key to ANY business’ success is the ability to understand the needs of its customers. There is no better way to do this than through VoizTrail’s Call Recording & Auditing solution.

VoizTrail’s user-friendly features give you the ability to selectively apply a wide array of critical consumer parameters for insightful analysis. The possibilities are endless - The potential for growth, immeasurable!

The power of VoizTrail can help increase your company’s ROI by giving leadership the information they need to:

  • Identify customers’ pain points.
  • Improve agent/sales -to- consumer communication.
  • Stay compliant, and easily resolve disputes.
  • Decide when to realign or modify marketing campaigns.
  • Improve service aspects and/or product design, and
  • Increase customer retention levels!

Regulataory Compliance

Businesses today have a lot to contend with - Differentiating your product, or service, from an ever-increasing amount of competitors is key to a succesful business. However, none of this matters if your company is lax in its adherence to regulatory compliance.

Non-compliance leaves you vulnerable to lawsuits, and government audits. You risk massive fines and/or even the dissolution of your business.

Whether you are a bank, financial institution, collection agency, hospital or call center, VoizTrail can help to keep you compliant.

A large part of PCI compliance for call centers is securely encrypting stored card information. Even if your business is not explicitly required to record phone calls, it’s a recognized best practice. VoizTrail can safely record transactions and house customers’ payment information. Calls stored in the VoizTrail system are authentic and unaltered, giving you extra protection in case of disputes. In addition, VoizTrail’s call redaction feature masks all sensitive data from recorded calls, adding an extra level of security for your customers and improving your compliance.

Dispute Resolution

Prior to the advent of Call Recording, most businesses lived by the mantra that “The customer is always right.”

Freebies were a common occurance and bottom lines were adjusted accordingly in a never-ending effort to console the customer.

Though most companies still stand by this philosophy, in the case of potentially costly disputes, your best defense is VoizTrail’s Call Recording software. Why? Because...

Recorded calls do not lie.

VoizTrail Call Recording provides the documentation needed in the event of a consumer complaint or dispute. It gives your management team the tools to determine where the issue originated, while both satisfying the customer and protecting your company’s bottom line.

VoizTrail ® - Call Auditing "As a Service"

Call Auditing “As a Service” is based on VoizTrail’s complete Call Recording & Call Auditing solution. Using our proprietary system, your recorded calls are sent over to our expert call auditors, who evaluate each interaction based on the guideline parameters you set. Any type of call can be audited using this platform.

By using VoizTrail’s customizable solution, you can free up your time, manpower, and resources to focus on your business goals. We’ll take care of reviewing and scoring your calls based on the parameters you choose.

VoizTrail Will Help You Stay Compliant

Because our Call Auditing “As a Service” stays within the VoizTrail system, it benefits from the same security that we’ve built into our full-product solution. This includes Call Redaction, which masks sensitive information within call recordings, AES-128 encrypted storage, secure call recording transmission, and password-protected call playback.

VoizTrail ® - Speech Analytics

Speech Analytics is a single integrated application that works within a call management system. It eliminates the guesswork of trying to integrate a standalone speech analytics program – as well as the unnecessary expense of volume-based payments. Here’s how it works:

  • Calls are recorded as the client has specified.
  • Agents’ and callers’ speech are analyzed for user-defined keywords. Keyword libraries can be built by each client and customized exactly for their industry needs.
  • If a keyword (or keywords) used in the conversation matches an entry in the client-specified dictionary, the call is flagged and a basic risk-assessment scorecard is generated.
  • The scorecard and call information is sent to a certified call auditor, who promptly reviews the conversation.
  • Within 24-48 hours of the original transaction, the call auditor prepares a detailed scorecard and sends it to the appropriate supervisor.

VoizTrail ® - Features & Benefits

  • Built-In Auditing Tools: Auto Auditing is a unique and intelligent feature offered by VoizTrail that enables call auditing in an automated fashion.
    Recognizing call auditing checkpoints such as Duration of the Call, Number of Calls made to the Customer, Time of Call, and other critical checkpoints does not require manual intervention. VoizTrail’s Auto Audit feature will automatically flag such calls for you.

  • Playback & Download Easier: Unlike traditional methods, VoizTrail allows you to eliminate the wait time of downloading when time is of the essence. VoizTrail’s intuitive-user interface provides an integrated media player that enables supervisors to listen to calls instantly.
    Calls can be downloaded and transferred through portable media or e-Mails. They can be saved in multiple formats, such as: WAV or MP3 for easier playback.

  • Advanced Call Search Feature: In addition to a basic search option, VoizTrail features an advanced search functionality which empowers users with in-depth and detailed results even if they have minimal information to start with.
    VoizTrail enables the user to search for Call Recordings by date, call duration, caller ID, dialed number, call direction, agent ID or agent extension. It’s simple, fast & effective!

  • Encrypted Offline Archival System: All archived recordings are encrypted using powerful algorithms, which gives you the confidence that your data is safely stored. Authentication and passwords are required to play back any archived calls, including those that are transferred through portable media or emails.

  • Visually Appealing, Customizable and Comprehensive Dashboard: VoizTrail offers a user-friendly dashboard that visually coalesces all necessary information into one place. It can be configured to depict data on a daily, monthly or yearly basis. It portrays data-rich statistics using visually appealing charts, and you can even listen to call recordings by drilling down to details right within the dashboard screen.

  • Provides Customizable Reports: In addition to standard, indepth reports, VoizTrail gives you the ability to create your own report templates. You pick the parameters you want to focus on, and VoizTrail will create your customized report.